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Finally someone understands me and speaks in my own language. I tried to read two buying guides, and got lost with all the technical details. 2 minutes in the Pickxit and I had the answers I was looking for. Thanks for the help.

M. Fernandez

I liked the personal approach. I really felt like I was in the shop and the sales assistant asked me what I needed and tried to help me. I'll definitely come back here.

T. Jenks

At first I was skeptical. A friend recommended so I gave it a chance. I must admit I was very surprised to see the results. I checked the models Pickxit offered me, which was exactly what I was planing to buy (after two hours of searching Amazon). I will definitely start my purchase here next time.


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So, how does it work? First we understand what really matters to you and how you are going to use the product. Our system can translate this into search terms that appear in product data, customer reviews, and expert reviews. After that we analyze all the information that exists online and search for the most relevant products according to what you need. Each product receives a score based on number of parameters: match, rating, reviews, features and price.

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